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Kenneth Jordan has an extraordinary talent that captivates people when he sings with melodies that eases even the most restless soul. Not only is he a singer but a talented musician that plays multiple instruments. He is very well known around Columbus, GA for his gifts. Kenneth Jordan has won numerous talent shows in Columbus, GA. His first talent show was in 1978, that year, he won 1st place singing. Through the years he was in either first, second or third place in all the talent shows all the way up to 1992. He even had a hit record called “I Love You” on the radio in Columbus, GA that made it in the top ten. During Kenneth Jordan’s musical career, he gave his life to Jesus Christ.  He started to sing gospel music and worked as an ordained minister to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He developed a catchy stage name “Reverend Smooth Air Jordan” as he ministers through music from city to city and church to church. A former veteran, spiritual leader and loving father is motivated and anointed to carry God’s work to deliver a message that will help so many people.